The Land of Fair Play (Book Review)

The Land of Fair PlayIt’s an election year, and what better time to teach civics from a Christian worldview? Written by Geoffrey Parsons for Christian Liberty Press, The Land of Fair Play: American Civics from a Christian Perspective,  is a simple, but thorough, textbook on how government works.

Written at about a sixth grade readability level, it is comprehensive enough for a semester-long high school civics course. It is easily adaptable for multi-level teaching (approximately 5th – 12th grades) for families who like to use that method.

There are 186 pages, with 26 chapters, including the appendix. The book begins by likening government to how a baseball game is played. A general history behind how our American government was formed is presented, along with the duties of citizens, a detailed breakdown of the various branches and their responsibilities, as well as states’ responsibilities and how their governments function. The Constitution is included in the appendix, along with other you-don’t-want-to-miss information, such as how to contact public officials, and the process for passing a legislative bill. Lots of pictures and easy-to-understand graphs are included to enhance the learning experience and make it more enjoyable.

At the end of each chapter, questions are provided to test how well the student has comprehended the information, as well as thought-provoking oral discussion questions. An optional answer key and text packet are available for purchase.

Our family found this book to be engaging reading. I really  liked the Christian emphasis throughout. I highly recommend this book!

Available directly from Christian Liberty Press or from Christian Book Distributors.







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